When We Need God to be Real, Practical, Involved.

When We Need God to be Real, Practical, Involved.

Friends! It’s here! Part 2 of my podcast with Amy Bennett…
In this episode you’ll hear about:
How God helped me deal with the emotions of rage towards my kids/in overwhelming circumstances.
— How God taught me to respond to panic attacks.
— A necessary insight He gave me about evil and suffering in the world and what can be perceived as His lack of appropriate reaction to those circumstances and people.
— How God grew a new perspective in me towards sex offenders, and where He brought my heart towards the man who abused my daughter.

*If you listen and are helped/encouraged by something I share in this episode — please share this post!* I want as many people as possible to know why having a relationship with Jesus makes all the difference in the world. How He graciously impacts our daily lives, in the deepest ways, exactly where we need Him most. 

And I’d love to hear from you in the comments any thoughts you have in response to what I share!

I love you. Praying for you this Tuesday!

P.S. In case you missed it, you can click here to listen to Part One.

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  • Still so blessed by the time we spent together and know it will continue to do the same for others. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your heart.

    • Amy I can’t thank you enough! God really blessed me through you — sharing this part of my testimony/His goodness for the first time was a big step in many ways that I’m not sure I can fully explain.
      But thank you for reaching out, and following up, and being patient through the technical difficulties! I appreciate so much how you breathe life into the body of Christ by sharing truth and insight, inspiration and faith through the real and powerful stories on your podcast! Making a space to share how God is working in daily life is a wide-open doorway for the Holy Spirit… thank you for holding open that door for the King to enter through! *Everyone reading this should go find one of her podcasts and listen!*

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