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Angie Smith shares all the beauty and grief of carrying a child she knows she will not be able to keep on this earth. Her fourth daughter, Audrey, lived only a little over two precious hours after she was born. This tender and gripping story centers you on a God big enough for your fears, questions, and wounds.

I Will Carry You encouraged me to prayerfully face the fact that I am only a temporary steward of my children, and there were many changes in our home as a result.

Five Star.



Christine Caine is full of passion and authenticity.

Undaunted: Daring to do what God calls you to do is her dramatic personal story of abuse and adoption, and how and why she started the anti-trafficking A21 campaign, is only overshadowed by the extreme power, love, healing and hope that is found in relationship with Christ.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be FREE indeed.” ~John 8:36



Ann Voskamp is one of the main reasons I began blogging. It is a gift how she communicates deep truths about God through everyday experiences. Finding joy… remaining in the presence of Joy through all the twists and turns of life is a great challenge to me.

One Thousand Gifts is a beautiful and practical encouragement to embrace Him who gives the strength to try again this day, this hour, this moment. She has heard from God and shares their whispered conversations in a generously raw and wonderful way. She asks the hard questions and lets Him faithfully answer. Highly recommended. A definite re-read.

I also recommend her blog:




If you find yourself saying “I’ve just been so busy… I’m exhausted…” more often than not– may I recommend When I Relax I Feel Guilty? The name says it all.

When to say no? What things to say no to? Equally important… what things to say yes to? Learning how to rest in Christ is critical for the endurance needed to run this one life-race well. An easy read that could change your life.




I could confidently recommend every Beth Moore book without the slightest hesitation. Even the ones I haven’t read yet. Yet. Having the privilege to live close enough to Houston to hear her speak in person at her Tuesday night Bible studies has been a tremendous blessing. She is in love with, lives for, and writes for the LORD Most High. One of the most perspective changing books I have read of hers is Jesus, the One and Only . The main thing I remember from reading Jesus the One and Only is that I understood for the first time that Jesus really, deeply, passionately, vulnerably, generously loves me. Me. It walks you through the book of Luke in a such a way that God’s heart, thoughts, and intentions for you through the scriptures and her words are just so bare and beautiful that if you are like me… you won’t get through many chapters without grateful tears.



I came across Intimate Issues at just the right time. What a beautiful thing to have hard, complicated,  unspoken questions about what God has to say about sex laid out in the comfortable format of a book!

Scripture based… that is what did it for me. Opinions are fine but I want to know what The Word has to say about it. And He has a lot to say.

I believe it has helped me to be a better wife.



Movies Worth Your Time

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Based on the incredible true story of a family who survives the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.


This movie forever changed the way I respond and pray for those impacted by tsunamis.




This is a favorite with all six sisters in my family.

The Young Victoria is loosely based on the personal life of England’s longest reigning queen.


The actors are brilliant, the cinematography is stunning, the story is struggle filled and beautiful, and the ending is happy. My kind of movie.




This movie is a cornerstone of my childhood.

There is no reproduction of this story that is equal, in my mind, because Topol is Tevye.

Based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem, in Fiddler on the Roof  Tevye the Milkman is a poor Jewish husband and father living in pre-revolutionary Russia with his five daughters and ornery wife that I adore.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… One of the best musicals ever.



Amazing Grace is a masterful retelling of the life and passion of William Wilberforce, a leader of the British abolition movement. The film chronicles his epic struggle to pass a law to end the slave trade in the late 18th century.

“I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” ~Matthew 10:16




“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke.

This is the powerful and gut-wrenching true story of the unspeakable slaughter and attempted genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Since visuals effect me deeply and can distract me from the heart of the story/anything else in the story, I appreciate that such a horrific tragedy was accurately portrayed while leaving almost all of the bloody events off screen.

Hotel Rwanda is a unforgettable look at how the courage and compassion of one man can make a huge difference in the lives of many.




Ben Hur  is an incredible movie, on so many levels.

It is the story of a Jew and a Roman, raised as best friends, who become bitter enemies in the Holy Land during the time of Jesus Christ’s life. Though it is nearly four hours long the story and the pace keep you engrossed throughout.


One of my favorite things is how the power of Christ is shown in brief interactions without ever giving a shot of his face, or hearing Him speak a word.




Recommended for Young Adults



Before he was my husband, Jason used to believe that Creationism was ridiculous and that Evolution was the way the world came to be. During one of our first in-depth conversations when we were dating he told me that he didn’t believe there was a “God” at all.

The Truth Project  was key in changing his entire worldview and accepting Jesus as his personal Savior.

Highly recommended.




Redeeming Love is an intense page-turning story set in 1850, during the California Gold Rush, about a young woman who was sold into prostitution as a child, Angel, and a kind and virtuous farmer, Michael Hosea, who follows God’s call to marry her.

In this powerful retelling of the Biblical story of Gomer and Hosea God’s unconditional, redemptive, and all-consuming love has captured the hearts of many young women I know in a fresh way.

Highly recommended.




God used this book when I desperately struggling with Him to help me finally, willingly, let go of sex before marriage.

Passion and Purity is practical, and real, and beautifully centered on understanding God’s heart behind His standard of purity.

His love became enough. Still is.

Highly recommended.






“There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” ~Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place

For those struggling with how to endure and love those who are hateful and brutal towards them… for those wondering how God can be good in a world of evil… this true story is the best kind of heartbreaking read.

Five star.





An excellent coming of age story.

Written with endearing characters and deep Biblical truth woven into an easy-read adventure, much like George McDonald, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Madeline L’Engle.

Emberoks was one of my favorite stories growing up, hands down.

Highly recommended.







George MacDonald has a way of letting you meet God in his novels in a such a way that you absorb Truth without even knowing it.

In addition to The Baronet’s Song I also recommend The Fisherman’s Lady, and The Marquis’ Secret.






 Recommended for Children


This was the first book that inspired my oldest daughter that even at a young age she could help those suffering around her. Simple explanation of a global issue and easy application ideas encourage children that they can make a difference.

All profits from book sales go to support clean water projects.

This is an absolute steal for only $3 for a paperback copy at




The Action Bible is for everyone, in my opinion, not just children.

We were gifted with this amazingly illustrated picture Bible by a dear friend… and my kids didn’t put it down for weeks. They wanted to keep hearing the next story and the next and the next…

And I have to admit, as familiar as I am with Bible stories, I looked many passages up after reading this to my girls because the pictures emphasized so many things I had just glossed over before when only reading text.

I was amazed all over again about what is in the Bible.

Highly recommended.



This book has been revisited countless times in the past eight years.

Maybe it’s because my girls love how the orphans “band together against the cold”, or how they are so excited when the King adopts them and is coming for them. They love the different skills the children have, and wonder out loud why the children don’t realize their talents aren’t the most important thing about them.

The Children of the King is a tender and fun story clearly illustrating that God loves us because we belong to Him… not because of what we can do for Him. Five Star.




My four year old was literally gasping and engaged with each new development in the story wondering… would the little girl Caroline still love her bunny once she saw the mark over the bunny’s heart? Would Caroline take the bunny back to the toy shop? Could she see how amazing the bunny was, even with that glaring mark?

Audrey Bunny is a beautiful and accurate description of how God loves us, always, completely, no matter what. It is perfectly understood on a heart level by children, and nearly jerked some tears from my eyes as well.



The Chronicles of Narnia  can be read and re-read and thoroughly enjoyed every time.

The colorful and complex characters are so easy to identify with that you are drawn into Lewis’ magical world and you never want to leave.

Every one is a masterpiece.





Who is worthy for the hand of the princess? What is the meaning of true love?

The King stages a competition “to determine which knights possessed great courage and strength, deep loyalty and kindness, and most of all a deep faith in God.”

Can you beat a great princess story in a house full of girls? They think not. The Princess and the Three Knights has definitely earned its shelf space.



The Pineapple Story is a very interesting true story about submitting your “rights” to God, and trusting Him with the outcome. 

It is a missionary’s firsthand account of how God used a pineapple garden to teach him the unexpected results of applying God’s truth to conquering anger.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” ~ Jim Elliot





Laura Ingalls Wilder finds a place in your heart, and Garth Williams illustrations simply can’t be beat.

Everything about these books are art.

They are simple and captivating and deep and fun and can make you want to live in a  Little House  in the woods and churn butter with Ma and smoke venison with Pa and they make a shiny penny at Christmas seem like the best gift in the whole world… right after the peppermint stick, of course.

The relationships are beautiful and if you read this aloud to your kiddos it is a guaranteed bonding experience.



All-of-a-Kind Family is the endearing story of five sweet and spunky sisters who share adventures like searching for hidden buttons while dusting Mama’s front parlor and visiting with the peddlers in Papa’s shop on rainy days and secretly eating treats in bed at night.

My girls can read/listen to this story over and over because they love the library lady and the holiday celebrations and how the girls build imaginary houses and decorate each room.

Precious and fun from beginning to end.






I remember Tell Me the Story clearly from childhood. Reading it to my girls, I can easily see why.

The stories are powerful and the illustrations are stunning.

A must read.






*Amazon affiliate links used on this page. I only recommend products I have personally enjoyed and think are beneficial to share.*


  • Elise! Add the Jesus Storybook Bible to this list! I’m sure I remember talking about it with you and that you have read it.

  • Ashley Wisehart

    Sooooo I was recommended to your blog by my wonderful, God-seeking housemate of Taylor Keene, and I feel I will be visiting your page often for good book ideas, movie night ideas, and the encouragement and joy of your blog posts. Please keep it up! Very encouraging.

  • Ashley Wisehart

    Sooooo I was referred to your blog by my wonderful, God-seeking housemate of Taylor Keene, and I feel I will be visiting your page often for good book ideas, movie night ideas, and the encouragement and joy of your blog posts. Please keep it up! Very encouraging.


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