My First Podcast Ever!

My First Podcast Ever!


Hey… how was your weekend?

Are you a bit tired going into this Monday? Let me re-phrase: Are you so worn and exhausted you’re wondering how you’ll make it until dinner time, much less through the entire week?

Can I offer you a hug, and a cuppa somethin’ warm this blustery morning?


I hear you.

I can’t imagine how much you have on your plate with relationships, work responsibilities, physical struggles, financial troubles… and all those dang logistics that are never-ending. The to-do list always gets longer, doesn’t it?

It’s easy for our cares, worries, stresses to stack up and weigh us down with an overwhelming kind of pressure.


I know this struggle well. I felt this way for months. In the fallout of my daughter’s abuse coming to light, and with my father-in-law needing full time care (he has Alzheimer’s and dementia) which meant moving our home base/a new co-living situation for our family — I felt overwhelmed.

I had the privilege of talking with the lovely Amy last week about this recent season in my life — and how God helped me with practical ways to think about, and respond to, the many pressures that stack up and threaten to overwhelm.

“Casting our cares” on the Lord sounds great — and it was something I wanted to do! — but… how, Lord, HOW do we do this?…

He answered this question for me, and so much more.

If you’d like to listen to the first podcast I’ve *ever* been a part of to hear about God’s practical faithfulness during really hard times — click here.

Or if you’re curious about what my voice sounds like — you can hear my awkwardness and the way I say “um” a few dozen times here. 🙂

And if you’d like some practical, real-life Monday help for how to cast your cares on the Lord — give a listen here.

I love you, friend.

You’re doing so well — your enemy doesn’t want you to know.

After you listen — let me know if the Lord spoke to you through anything I shared? You can respond via email, in the comments here, on Facebook, or Instagram.

But seriously — let’s chat. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m praying for your day, right now. <3



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