Let's Be the Church

Let’s Be the Church

In was in my Wednesday afternoon prayer group that she told us words no one ever wants to say about longtime family friends.

At just after 9 p.m. on Monday night their plane crashed into Walter Jenkins Memorial Park (about 15 min from my home.) 

Linda and Gary Flynt’s 8 year old son Jonathan had wanted to see Baytown at night. Shortly after take-off, the engine stopped. Gary (who has been a pilot for more than 15 years) tried to emergency-land on a baseball field, but clipped a power line on the way down that flipped the 4-seater plane upside down.

Read/watch the news report here: @KHOU


Thank you, awesome, merciful Jesus — all three survived!!! 

Linda has had surgery to remove parts of her spleen, small intestine, and colon. Jonathan had surgery on his jaw on Wednesday, and when the swelling goes down in his legs (they are currently in braces) they will be working with an orthopedic surgeon (he needs surgery on both his knees). Gary may need elbow surgery and has lacerations on his face.

My eight newly nine year old daughter, Selah, and I have been praying about what particular work God wants her to join Him in next (she’s been asking me for a couple of months now.) Helping those amazing kids in India this past Christmas lit an awareness in her that she, with her own two hands and humble prayers, can make a difference in the lives of others. When I told her about the Flynt’s, she immediately said she wanted to help.

She said something along the lines of “I want to raise $10,000 for them. I’m sure their surgeries and hospital bills will be like, $200,000 or something… but insurance will cover some, so that should help with some of it…”

She has no real concept of numbers, no limits on God, and no desire to sit back and do nothing if she can do something. She picked up a brush tonight.



I will open an online store in a couple of weeks, and keep you as updated as I can in the meantime.

For now: Please pray for this precious family!! Their road to recovery is a long one and their entire lives have been massively re-directed for this season of life.

Lord Jesus please give the Flynt’s wisdom as they make decisions, encouragement when they feel overwhelmed, comfort when they are in pain, joy in the deep knowing You are with them and working for their good and Your glory beyond what any of us can imagine, practical aid for any needs that arise, and your all-encompasing peace. I ask You to give them an abundance of Yourself — Life. To the full.   

Please share your prayers in the comments so we can join together in bringing them before Jesus.

I love you all so much!







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  • When I started reading this, I assumed the story would end differently. But Praise, God!

    Thank you, Lord, for sparing these three precious lives. Your work in and through them here in this earth is clearly not yet done. Please flood them with your peace in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Continually remind them of your saving grace, not just for how you saved them from perishing in this crash, but how you save us all who know you from perishing forever. Thank you for Selah and her precious heart to love and serve you and others. Bless her efforts and allow them to reach others and provide tangible help to the Flynts. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  • This is beautiful. Praying for the family.
    Is it possible to set up a gofundme site ? If you create it and write their story i would be happy to help. And i’m sure others could too. God Bless

    • Hi Julia!

      Thank you so much for your interest and this wonderful suggestion!

      I did consider going through gofundme… but that route would take about 8% of all money donated… but if I set up a store through Shopify that percentage goes down to about 3%, leaving more for the family. And through Shopify I will still have the option for accepting monetary donations separate from any purchase of a painting. But please, this is all fairly new to me, I welcome your suggestions and thoughts! My goal is to make this as efficient and beneficial for the givers and receivers as possible. 🙂

      God bless you, too!

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