I Bet You've Never Been Called this Before.

I Bet You’ve Never Been Called this Before.

So, my brother called me a “colon” and he meant it as a compliment. 

Yes, a colon.

a.k.a. The large intestine.

He told me that in the body of Christ, I am the colon because I have the ability to deal with a lot of crap and extract the good out. 

Well, there you go. A brother-compliment.



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The truth is, I do enjoy and I am energized by helping others with their “crap”.

I prefer the term “peer-counselor” or “life-coach” or “prayer-partner”, but I’m not too particular. “Friend” and “Sister” are my favorites. 

It’s taken me a long time to know what to do with this part of who I am, and while I don’t have it figured out completely, I know that writing is one way I can serve you in this way during this herding-little-people season of life.

Because I love you. Sincerely.

And what’s more… I like you. 

And I don’t judge you.

And I will pray for you. Really.


I have this weird quirk in that I love to be asked hard questions because the more challenging the issue the more glorious it is to witness how God moves and works and communicates.

I am strange in that I am volunteer-like willing to be used by God in a confrontational way if needed, and I do so praying that the harder the truth I have to communicate the more loving and grace-filled my manner will be.

And you’ve got to know:

God made you quirky and strange and different and glorious for a very specific reason. For a very specific role. 

There are reasons certain interactions and activities bring you joy and others make you reach for a paper bag.

He made you to be a part of the whole and has a unique function for you.

You may have heard that a hundred million times before but just think about it for a minute. 

You have a special role in the body of Christ. 

One that is perfectly suited for your personality and gifts.

If you’re not sure what your role is, may this blog post be the reminder that spurs you to pray about it. 

We are meant to work together, in unity, benefiting each other through our individual strengths.

I need your God-designed-strengths. We all do. 


How or when or where does the manifestation of the Spirit — the fruit of God’s Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) regularly show up in your life? Please share in the comments.  

Action Point: Text/call/email/ask others where God’s Spirit is evident in your life for some outside perspective on yourself. You may get some colorful (and insightful) responses.

And if this Colon can help you out in any way?

Bring it. 


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