How to Meet With God and Hear from Him

How to Meet With God and Hear from Him

If you could meet God for a cup of coffee this afternoon… would you want to go? 


Would you have questions for Him? Would you like to hear His thoughts and receive His counsel about your day, your relationships… those decisions you have to make?

Would you like to ask Him why He allowed some things to happen to you? Or how to survive the struggles and fears that are choking the life and joy out of your family and future?  

Would you like to hear Him say to you personally, directly, that He loves you and enjoys you, has lots of thoughts about you, and plans for you? Would you like Him to confide in you?

Receiving communication from God is possible.

This hasn’t always been my experience… for much of my life prayer felt like talking to the air. But as soon as I learned how to meet with Him and hear from Him– I wanted to share it!

So I wrote a short eBook about how to experience the joy of receiving communication from God through prayer. You can read the introduction below.

The Introduction

If there are persons who are considered experts on prayer, or God, I am certainly not included in that group.

I have never been to seminary, or even a single day of college. I barely made it through my senior year of high school. I haven’t read many books on prayer, nor have I attended conferences or Bible studies on the topic.

Those are key reasons I felt it was important to write this book on hearing God through prayer now, while I’m still uneducated, unread, and probably largely unaware of what I don’t know that I don’t know.

Because I want you to be encouraged and know that hearing God speak, and understanding His communication to you, has nothing to do with what you have accomplished or your life experiences and everything to do with His love and desire to be in relationship with us.

I write this book only as a witness to God’s character and how I have experienced His communication during prayer with myself and others. Each chapter is meant to express one main truth, a single bite that can be chewed on. It may be helpful for the reader to expect each chapter to be similar to a blog post, and not an exhaustive approach to each topic.

When I reference “listening prayer,” I simply mean that instead of speaking, thinking, or expressing communication to God, listening prayer is a time of stilling and stopping our words and thoughts to intentionally listen for, and be open to receiving, God’s communication to us. You can practice listening prayer on your own, with a prayer partner, or in a small group. At the end of the book, in the section titled “The Resources,” you can find a full and detailed description of what listening prayer is and how my prayer partners and I practice listening for God with others as a ministry at my home church. I intentionally have not begun with the what, how, when, and where because I don’t want to make listening to God in prayer seem overly complicated. It isn’t. But, if you are wondering if listening prayer is for you, I will include that section from the resources here:

Listening prayer is for persons who . . .

. . . have not yet experienced/believed that God loves them personally, but want to meet with Him and hear from Him directly as they begin to know His heart and thoughts towards them; or

. . . have a fairly new relationship with God and want to learn to recognize His voice and grow in intimacy with Him; or

. . . have had a relationship with God for years, but desire to make intentional time and space to listen for His guidance, direction, and love; or

. . . want to be in the presence of God and receive from Him whatever He thinks is best to give. All good and perfect gifts are from the Father; or

. . . are going through a time of difficulty or are experiencing fall-out from previous wounds in life and desire to hear a word from the Lord.

Wherever you may be in life, know this: If you seek Him, you will find Him. Direct communication with God really is possible. We truly can learn to be still and know that He is God.

I pray this book is a starting place, an inspiration for the reader to begin, or renew, communication with God. Specifically, I pray you are encouraged that anyone, and everyone, can learn to listen to and hear from God in prayer.

The beautiful truth is: everything I share is only a tiny drop in the massive ocean of who He is and His ability to help us hear and understand Him and the glorious things He has done.

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” ~John 21:25

~excerpt from Listening Prayer: The Unfolding of His Words Gives Life



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