Give. Cost Free.

Give. Cost Free.


My life is such a whirlwind of little souls with big needs and daily tasks that some things just don’t often seem like reality to me. Like starvation. Or trafficking. Or devastating waterborne diseases.

Limited time? Energy? Resources? That I can wrap my mind around.

Those limitations are a sliver of common ground I have with those who are suffering and in desperate — truly desperate — need.

On the low end, I’ve found statistics reporting 16,000 children die everyday from hunger. The numbers on water-related illnesses and deaths are staggering. Don’t even get me started on the issue of trafficking, and how I live by one of the main cities that is a central hub for the entire country.

When I don’t look away from the pictures quick enough, or when I read a true story long enough, I can’t help but shake my head and say “Oh God, how can it be?… And what am I to do about it?… ” 


Make no mistake by that caption — we are absolutely called to deny ourselves and lay down our lives and pick up our crosses daily and be the greatest servants like the Love we follow. There is nothing “cost free” about following Christ. It will cost you everything — and give you everything. The open question before God “What do You want me to do today?” should always remain before Him. But when there are no more “cable” or “coffee” budgets to cut and you don’t feel led to sponsor kids on money you don’t have, what do you do? When you can’t leave home during your season of life because you are called to love the growing souls in front of you? I want to say it clearly: Trust God if you are called to the sacrificial full-time ministry of tending the little hearts He has in your home, down the street, in your extended family, in your local church. We are missionaries… witnesses… everywhere we live and in every phase of life.

We are not called, and it is not possible, for us to “do it all”. We are called, and are responsible, to do all we can.

So friend, be encouraged, if for this life season you are serving full-time in ways that limit you in others… here are some ways to give when you don’t have time to volunteer or money to donate by simply doing things you are already doing and spending money you are already spending in a slightly new way:

1) Search for Something Online.
Have you heard of GoodSearch? All you do is take a minute to set up what charity you want money to go towards… then search! You raise money with every. single. search. Stop googling. Don’t bing. Start good searching! Same results for you… life changing results for someone else. 

2) Buy Groceries.
I’m good at this one. Too good most months. I make lists and I plan and I am still amazed at how much money we eat each month. Check to see if your favorite grocery store has a reward program that allows you to donate a portion of your purchase to your favorite charity. Many do! I shop at Kroger often and each purchase helps out my local pregnancy resource center. You can learn more about this cost free way of giving by clicking here.

3) Shop Online.
The next time you download something from iTunes? Buy something from Amazon? Target? Countless other online retailers… just shop through GoodShop. 1%-30% of your purchase will be donated!

4) Write a Letter.

Did you know that you can can breathe hope and life and value into the life of a child by a simple letter? If you are willing to simply write a letter 3x a year to an unsponsored child, you can become a child correspondent with Compassion International. Click here to contact them, requesting to become a part of the child correspondent program. Don’t think a letter makes that much difference? Watch this: 

5) Pray.

Right now. Turn away from the screen and bow your head and ask our amazing God who gives everything we need to breathe life and hope and truth into those who so desperately need it. Maybe your prayer is for someone in your family that you keep meaning to pray for, maybe it is for that struggling friend at school or church, maybe it is for someone whose name you don’t know who is physically and/or spiritually starving. So many people are starving. Prayer is such a gift.

Let’s make a difference together today. I encourage you to not do nothing because you can’t do much. We aren’t meant to do it all. We are called to love. Love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Love is never, ever a small thing.

Let’s be good stewards together for His glory and our joy!

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to give and serve that are “no-cost” or low-cost! Please share in the comments! 


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